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    We have New Zealand wool shipped to a factory that has been processing wool for over 100 years into rugs. The founder of the factory was the very first to industrialize the manual knotting of rugs and give this method worldwide fame. Although they follow current technologies, they remain true to tradition. We have our rugs made in the 110 cm by 60 cm format. This size is just right for the many applications. We make them longer than the standard animal rug because we think it is nice that they stay put on a chair or bench.


  • About Animal Friendly

    Of course we don't have to explain to you that these rugs, made of shaved wool, keep the sheep alive. As we always say: "the sheep is still hopping". We will not go into detail about the process that the sheep (or cow, or zebra or reindeer) goes through to end up on your floor or couch. We are very happy that we have found an animal-friendly alternative to the immensely popular rugs in your interior. From the responses we receive to our rugs, we are not the only one!   About the benefits. As mentioned above: our rugs let the animal live, a huge advantage of course. An additional advantage is that our rugs are woven and therefore there is no skin, no leather at the bottom. This makes our rugs super easy to wash. Just like your woolen sweater. You put the rug in the washing machine on the wool program 30 degrees. You use the detergent that you like, not too much. If it is possible on your machine, it is nice to lower the spin speed a little. And even then they come out of the machine almost dry. You do not put them in the tumble dryer, but hang them over a chair, laundry rack or outside on the line (not in direct sunlight). Super easy!

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